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Beauty spot: the new colourblock make-up

One for all: Shrimps autumn/winter 2017 where the model's eyes, cheeks and lips are the same coral shade.
One for all: use the same colour for eyes, cheeks and lips. Shrimps, autumn/winter 2017.

We saw a new take on colourblock make-up at the Shrimps show. Models sported a whimsical look, using the same colour on their eyes, cheeks and lips. This gives a warmth to the face, perfect for the autumn season. A word of warning: it is not a look that can be rushed. Slowly build up the colour with soft strokes to avoid unblending lines. For pale skin, go for pinks, medium skin tones suit shades of coral, and for darker skin, choose a deep berry to nail this look.

Get the look

Tom Ford in Spanish Pink £40
L’Oreal Paris in Rose £5.99
BareMinerals in The Natural High £22
Nyx in Coraline £6
YSL in Coral Incandescent £28
Lip gloss in Morange £15.50
Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon £19
Sleek in Vamp £4.99
Illamasqua in Forgiveness £17

Now’s the time to…

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This article titled "Beauty spot: the new colourblock make-up" was written by Bemi Shaw, for The Observer on Sunday 8 October 2017 05.00am


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