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How was your weekend running?

Mandatory daily activity under Strict Kate Law
Mandatory daily activity under Strict Kate Law Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Due to a combination of insomnia and odd dreams last night, I wrote the entire of this blog in my head at about 3am. Unfortunately, I failed to write it down, and thus the running community will be forever deprived of the genius prose that no doubt would have transformed their lives, spurred on countless PBs and bought about a revolution in the knee health of the nation. I’m pretty sure, though, that it involved me running the world (in both senses) and forcing everyone to run a mile a day from childhood. The resultant improvements in the nation’s health would, of course, save the NHS billions, and all the rest of their vital work would be funded by a levy on anyone claiming that running is bad for your knees. The leftover cash would be spent on subsidising trainer costs and building an array of running tracks, open 24 hours a day.

Sounds entirely reasonable, no?

OK, so perhaps I ran in a few too many circles this weekend. Or maybe it was junior parkrun the next day that did it. The latter was back to its muddy winter state, so that I actually wore my cross country Inov-8 shoes to pootle around at a sedate pace (that’s sedate as defined by my nine year old, who hadn’t done parkrun for a while and wanted to take it easy to get back into the swing of it. Not sure the mud really gave her back the love, mind ...) At any rate today I am somewhat wiped out, so the campaign for World President will just have to wait. In the meantime, share your weekend triumphs, woes and mudfests below the line as always.

This article titled "How was your weekend running?" was written by Kate Carter, for on Monday 8 January 2018 10.36am

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