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Whose HQ is the George Bush Center for Intelligence? The Weekend quiz

What city was known to the Vikings as Miklagard?
What city was known to the Vikings as Miklagard? Photograph: Getty

1 What was contained in letter of 2 November 1917 to Lord Rothschild?
2 What city was known to the Vikings as Miklagard?
3 Who fooled Polyphemus by saying his name was Nobody?
4 “By parents for parents” is the tagline of which website?
5 Which state of India has a compass point in its name?
6 What did Julia Ward Howe write to the tune of John Brown’s Body?
7 Caesium fountain is a type of what measuring device?
8 Whose HQ is the George Bush Center for Intelligence?
What links:
9 Ariel; Daddy; Lady Lazarus; Tulips; The Colossus; Morning Song?
10 New Britain and New Ireland; North Dakota; sunk in May 1941?
11 Pico; Femto; Atto; Zepto; Yocto?
12 Wooden; Glass; Good; Broken; Eclipsed?
13 Alec Leamas; Jerry Westerby; Harry Pendel; Jonathan Pine?
14 Soft; sostenuto; the sustain, or damper?
15 Donkey jacket; Chelsea kit; mushy peas; hoodie?

Close-up of pink tulips
Tackled the tulip teaser? Photograph: Alamy

The answers

1 Balfour Declaration.
2 Constantinople.
3 Odysseus.
4 Mumsnet.
5 West Bengal.
6 Battle Hymn Of The Republic.
7 Atomic clock.
8 CIA.
9 Sylvia Plath poems.
10 Bismarck: islands in B Archipelago; capital B; B battleship.
11 Smallest SI metric prefixes.
12 Hearts in #1 hits: Elvis; Blondie; Fergal Sharkey; Jason Donovan; Bonnie Tyler.
13 Le Carré title characters: Spy Who Came In From The Cold; Honourable Schoolboy; Tailor of Panama; Night Manager.
14 Piano pedals.
15 Feature in modern political myths: Michael Foot, never worn; David Mellor, never worn; Mandelson, never mistaken for guacamole; Cameron, never hugged.

This article titled "What city was known to the Vikings as Miklagard? The Weekend quiz" was written by Thomas Eaton, for The Guardian on Saturday 13 January 2018 07.00am

Life and style

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