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Pedibal Scampa preview: ‘The clever 3-in-1 design saves you money’ | Martin Love

Easy rider: learning is fun and simple with the Scampa from Pedibal
Easy rider: learning is fun and simple with the Scampa from Pedibal

With a wobble here and scraped knee there, the quickest way to teach your kids to ride is on a balance bike. You can start them off virtually as soon as they can walk. The problem is they grow out of the trainer so quickly, which makes investing in one seem like a waste of money. But this dinky ride from Pedibal spares you the monetary misery with its clever 3-for-1 design. It’s a lightweight frame with 12in rubbery wheels, and it works brilliantly as a balance bike. You can then fit a footplate for those inbetweenies who want to use it as a seated scooter. Once they’ve mastered that you can fit the pedals and watch them ride off into the future. The Scampa comes in four colours and includes all the parts you need, even a miniature tool kit. Elastoplasts optional… (

Price: £129.99 (sale price £90.99)
Age: 18 months to 5 years old
Frame: aluminium
Weight: 4kg

Email Martin at or follow him on Twitter @MartinLove166

This article titled "Pedibal Scampa preview: ‘The clever 3-in-1 design saves you money’" was written by Martin Love, for The Observer on Sunday 14 January 2018 06.00am

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