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Why does Currys’ customer service lack know-how?

A Currys sign in its white goods department.
No worries? Sorry, Currys, but our washing machine installation proved very worrying. Photograph: Alamy

I ordered a new washing machine from Currys and was promised delivery in three days. The delivery men arrived two hours late and complained about their work and other customers while installing the machine. Only after they left did I realise they had delivered a combined washer-dryer.

It took three attempts and 1hr 45min on hold before I got through to customer services. With no apology, I was informed that the next available delivery date for the correct product was in six days.

I was told not to use the machine that had been installed so that it could be resold, and I was therefore forced to use a launderette costing £35 and counting. When the correct machine finally arrived, the delivery men refused to disconnect the unwanted one and left taking the replacement with them.

I now want to cancel but first they have to collect the incorrect machine and the first convenient date is in 15 days.

OB, Aberdeen

These tales are becoming familiar – missed delivery slots, wrong products and botched installations.

Despite the obliging name of Currys’ Knowhow delivery service, others have met with a flat refusal to carry an order into the home.

It so happens that within two days of the press office learning of your plight, a new machine arrives.

It was an upgrade because the model you ordered was out of stock and Currys is covering the extra cost, plus paying £100 in compensation.

You asked for more, given your costs and stress, but when told it would be in Currys vouchers you shudderingly declined.

As for the disobliging crews, Currys says: “We are very disappointed whenever a colleague fails to support our customers in the way we would expect. We will be reviewing performance of those concerned with the depot management.”

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This article titled "Why does Currys’ customer service lack know-how?" was written by Anna Tims, for The Observer on Wednesday 14 February 2018 07.00am


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