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Have you given up on cash?

Payment using a contactless credit card terminal.
Payment using a contactless credit card terminal. Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

Technology is making it ever easier to avoid using cash. Card payments overtook cash purchases in UK stores last year and contactless transactions have surged to account for about one third of all purchases.

Online shopping appears to be on a continuous upward trajectory and smart phone “touch and go” payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay can be used in many shops and allow us to use services like London Transport.

So how long until cash disappears altogether? And what would that mean for the UK?

Share your views and experiences

We’d like to find out from you about about the ways a reduction in cash use is changing UK society. Does living in a city make a difference compared to those who live in rural areas? Perhaps you shop at small independent retailers who don’t accept contactless payments for low price purchases. Do you think contactless payment makes us spend more or perhaps it’s easier to give to charities? Is a reduction in cash transactions affecting society for the better or worse and in what ways?

Whether you hardly use cash or use it all the time, share your views in the form below and we’ll feature some or your responses in our reporting.

If you’re having trouble seeing the form, please click on this link.

This article titled "Have you given up on cash?" was written by Guardian readers, for on Tuesday 9 January 2018 04.52pm


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