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My Virgin Active discount that wasn’t fit for purpose

Applying for gym membership online.
Joining the gym was easy but getting a discount proved impossible. Photograph: Alamy

I have been a member of Virgin Active in Nottingham since last summer – paying £50 a month – but having recently bought Vitality health insurance, I was entitled to a discount which reduces it to £32. I contacted Virgin by phone twice to discuss this, and was told to show evidence of my Vitality membership and fill in a new form. I was advised that the reduced amount would start next month but, when I checked, it had not kicked in.

I was then told (for the first time) that, as I had signed a 12-month contract, this could not be changed. and that I would not be eligible for the reduced payment until it ended – and that I had been misinformed by the other members of staff.

ST, Linby, Nottingham

Virgin Active says that the situation arose due to a discrepancy between the member’s name on your Vitality policy and the one Virgin Active held on its membership system. Virgin Active has spoken to Vitality to clear up the confusion and you have now been transferred to a Vitality membership. You will also be credited for the difference paid. You are apparently happy with the outcome.

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This article titled "Why wasn’t my Virgin Active discount fit for purpose?" was written by Rebecca Smithers, for on Tuesday 9 January 2018 07.00am


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