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After Bannon: the new faces of the hard right

Stephen Miller: a bit advocate of economic nationalism.
Stephen Miller: a bit advocate of economic nationalism. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Stephen Miller, White House senior adviser for policy

Although Miller has broken with Bannon in the Game of Thrones that defines the Trump White House, he still is the most prominent booster of Bannonite ideology in the administration. Miller has been pushing to stop any deal with advocates of immigration reform and shares Bannon’s advocacy of “economic nationalism”.

Matt Boyle, Washington editor, Breitbart News

Boyle is a long-time Bannon protege who has shaped Breitbart’s political coverage. He spent weeks on the ground in Alabama before last month’s US Senate race and had a number of interviews with Trump during the 2016 campaign. In a reference to the NFL, he has described himself as Tom Brady to Bannon’s Bill Belichick.

Raheem Kassam, London editor, Breitbart News

The former Nigel Farage aide has become an important figure in the Breitbart orbit. He has been hosting the website’s daily radio show since Bannon’s departure and is an aggressive advocate of his former boss as well as Trump. Kassam has also taken the opportunity to throw bombs on the other side of the Atlantic, defending Trump’s “shithole” comment by telling Sky News London had become “a shithole” under Sadiq Khan.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News host

The host of a nightly show on Fox News has become the leading TV voice for conservative populism. The well-groomed son of a former US ambassador, Carlson represents economic nationalism with a preppy face. He has long gleefully engaged in the culture wars that animated Bannon, targeting campus leftists and establishment Republicans with glee.

Benny Johnson, reporter-at-large, Daily Caller

If Breitbart slips in Bannon’s absence the Daily Caller, increasingly moulded by Johnson, is a prime candidate to replace it at the centre of the conservative internet. Johnson, who has worked at BuzzFeed and the Independent Journal Review, has crafted a reputation for driving conservatives to click on his stories, pushing them to go viral with headlines such as: “Sarah Sanders Just Burned CNN So Bad The Briefing Room Let Out An Audible Gasp.”

This article titled "After Bannon: the new faces of the hard right" was written by Ben Jacobs in Washington, for on Saturday 13 January 2018 02.19pm

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